Thursday, January 31, 2008


We are so tired. We're always doing something, running around. We have been out every night this week, but last night I couldn't even remember what we did on Monday (I now remember that it was yoga). Yoga, condo board meeting, birthday dinner with friends. Tonight we were invited to dinner with the LGBT group in our church, but we're turning them down because we are tired. This is why we had our home-bound vacation this weekend, to stay home and do absolutely nothing. But then we started the week back with a vengence.

Today the alarm went off at 6:30, we reset it to 7am, then at 7am we just went back to sleep. Our poor dog really needed to go to the bathroom, but we were too tired to care. But then I remembered that I have a 9:30 meeting at work, and that finally got us out of bed.

We keep trying to figure out what we do that we could cut. But the things we do are important. Yoga's good for our health. We could skip the condo board meetings, but then what if only the crazy contingent shows up, and starts running the place? We can't miss friends' birthdays, and besides, those kinds of things are things we need to help destress.

So how do we add a baby to this mess? What can we remove from our hectic schedules to make room for baby? How can we find the energy required to take care of a baby?

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LKC said...

I know exactly how you feel.