Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Babies are scary!

My friend A keeps her emails forever, and just sent me this email that I wrote in 2004 after visiting my sister's 9 week old baby. I still think this stuff is true, actually.

> Actually, I am kind of scared. They're easily broken, and they just
> lay there limply, and if you don't hold them right, there head just
> falls backwards. Then when I was feeding R, he wouldn't eat, so I
> tried to burp him and he wouldn't burp, then he started crying. So I
> gave him to my mom. But they are cute, and they smell nice, and least
> until they go to the bathroom. Why does it come out green when it
> goes in white? As you can tell, I haven't spent that much time with
> babies. Should be interesting when we decide to have our own.

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