Monday, January 21, 2008


K and I changed our names when we got married. At the time, we googled our new names and didn't find anyone with them. However, K googled my name recently and found that there is a playboy model with my name. Then, last week, I got mail from Switzerland. It was four pictures torn from a magazine of the 23 year old model with my name. There was a letter from a man saying that he collected autographs of playboy models, and he provided a return envelope for me to send the signed pictures back to him.

At first, I laughed. I said we should frame them and put them up in our home. But K was upset. She didn't want me to be confused with a playboy model. I think she's upset that pervs are going to be coming after us now. I'm sure it will be okay, but I will worry if someone else contacts me.

K's always afraid of some one hurting me. I think she thinks she can defend herself, but worries about me. She's so protective of our family - me and our dog. She's totally going to be one of those overprotective moms. It's cute, and I love it.


Ashley said...

Playboy huh? I say milk it for all its worth!! hehe Send em pictures of the actual playboy and you can sign their name. HAHAHAHAA

P.S. Hi :-)

Baby Mama said...