Thursday, January 17, 2008

Elle and The Fertility Diet

I just got around to reading the December issue of Elle magazine last night and read the strangest article. It was a book review of the book The Fertility Diet. The author said that while the diet is harmless enough and pretty typical (reduce sugar, caffeine, & alcohol intake, less meat, more plants and fish, whole grains, exercise, etc), she believes its a waste of time. She said that when she and her husband didn't get pregnant after the first month, she went to get blood work done and to a fertility clinic to see what was wrong, and the doctor said 'Why waste your time? Let's just do IVF'. And it worked on the first try. She is under 35 and healthy. So she asks why waste your time eating tofu when you could be using IVF to get pregnant, because precious time is ticking away. She is basically telling perfectly healthy women to use a very expensive and unnecessary medical procedure when they could probably get pregnant naturally. It's so strange.


LKC said...

One of the most recent Newsweek Magazine issues did its cover story on the fertility diet so we picked it up and read it. I agree completely with you - why IVF when there is no documented need?

Melissa said...

I agree. I think that's terrible that the writer and her doctor would suggest IVF so freely. I don't think that sends out a quick message.