Monday, January 7, 2008


I called Michele Zavos today, the DC area's premiere lawyer for same-sex families. We wanted an appointment in March because we are busy now. The assistant was like "March? We have many appointments available sooner." After calling doctors all week, I just assumed we wouldn't be able to make an appointment for weeks. I was wrong, again. I've learned that lawyers and fertility clinics are different from doctors. They actually want your business and make room for you in their schedules, even super-important and busy lawyers like Michele Zavos. Oh well. I still made the appointment for March.

We actually have a lot of legal papers that were written up years ago by another lawyer that specializes in alternative family law, but they were done before we changed our names, before we bought a home, and before babies were a possibility, so they need to be redone. Our lawyer was fine, but not special. And we felt she didn't take us seriously since we were very young then. We need to get our paperwork redone, and we thought, why not go for the best this time?

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