Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sacrifices already?

In the Guide to Lesbian Conception I read that decongestant is a very bad thing. It dries up your fertile mucus along with your snotty mucus. I actually need the fertile mucus to get pregnant. While we don't actually plan to start inseminating until June, I need to start tracking the mucus now. So no more decongestant. I have been taking decongestant most of my life. How can I stop now? They say a good substitute is Echinacea, but we all know that herbs are no match for strong drugs, so I probably won't be able to breath for the next few years. This is truly a sacrifice I'm making for my children. They had better appreciate it!

I also read that you should drink a tea made of raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, red clover, and oat straw, to promote general reproductive health. And at Whole Foods yesterday I found a tea by Yogi called Mother-to-Be that contains raspberry leaf and nettle. Great news, right? Except that I hate tea. I mean I really hate it. My partner loves tea and drinks multiple cups a day. I can't stand it - hot or cold. So I said, suck it up. Yesterday I made a cup of tea and forced myself to drink it. I almost threw up. I'm supposed to drink 1-4 cups a day. Since I'm just beginning this process, it's hard to say, but this may just be one of the hardest things I do. This morning I made some iced tea, but I haven't yet gotten the nerve to drink it.

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