Thursday, January 10, 2008


I changed insurance this year, and starting January 1 the new insurance went into affect. It's now Jan. 10, but I don't have an insurance card yet. I started the year wanting to make a lot of doctors appointments and use my new insurance - the fertility clinic, the physical and blood work at the primary doctor, a dentist appointment, get a dermatologist to look at my moles. I don't have the card yet. I called last week and asked where my card is, and they said, of course it's on it's way. But I still don't have it.

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the fertility clinic. I don't expect this process to be covered by my insurance, but it would be nice to try. I heard from a friend who was a single mom by choice that her insurance didn't cover fertility unless you are a married couple who has been trying to get pregnant for five years. We don't meet that criteria, so we plan to pay for this on our own. On the clinics website it says they will do the work of dealing with my insurance for me. Maybe they know how to get around the system. Otherwise, there goes the saving account...

I'm lucky enough that my job provides four insurance options depending on what your willing to pay. Until now, I've not been willing to pay anything, so I've had the free HMO, which everyone says is for healthy people only. In fact, I've heard some horror stories about people at work that had this HMO when they gave birth. These may be total fabrications on their part*, but I changed insurance this year anyway. So now I have a POS for which I pay $80 a month. That's a lot of money. I guess that's our first expense for the baby making, but we won't even count this one. Tomorrow's fertility consultation definitely counts.

*Total fabrication on your part - Andy Kaufman. Look him up! K and I say this all of the time because we think we are funny.

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