Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

When I first heard about that movie, I wrote it off as a stupid Adam Sandler movie mocking gay men. But this weekend my dad said that's the movie they have waiting for them at home from Netflix. Interesting that they can still laugh at gay people and be mad at me at the same time. Doesn't it hurt to laugh? I don't understand. Anyway, I wonder what message they will get from this film. I know that it is about domestic partnership and attempts social commentary about same-sex marriage. Maybe this crude, offensive humor is the only way to get the message off to people like my dad. Or maybe not, and it really is just crude and offensive.

I know my dad's politics are shifting liberal. He has made lots of comments about Bush and the war and economy and said that things were better when Clinton was president. My mom always looks angry, like she'd like to defend Bush but she's just a woman who doesn't like conflict so all she can do is scowl. But really, it doesn't matter because they don't vote, they just complain.

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