Monday, January 28, 2008


We decided to spend this weekend in. We didn't go anywhere and we didn't answer the phones. We do this sometimes and call it a vacation in our home. It was a needed break from the normal hecticness that usually defines our lives. We only ventured out once on Saturday, to spend a DSW gift card and to go to Whole Foods to taste test. We picked a good day since they were displaying their super bowl spread. We ate guacomole, spinach dip, hummus & pita, a veggie platter, cake, root beer, chips, cheese... I ate so much guacomole! They should have kicked me out of the store.

As part of our vacation, we slept on the futon in the study. We do this when we want to let our dog sleep with us, since there is no way we'd ever let her in our bed. Also, it's fun because the TV is in there, so we can stay up late watching Dave or SNL or some movie. So it's fun, and it's different, and it's like a vacation.

When we went back to our bedroom last night, I saw my temperature chart on the night stand. I didn't record my temperature our 2 day vacation. It's my first month of monitoring and I've already botched it.

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