Friday, April 3, 2009

We love the word 'FREE'

Yesterday outside of K's work was a community garage sale. At 4pm everything was free for the taking - whatever was left you could just walk away with. K said most people were just grabbing a handfull of things, but not her. She came home with three large bags, half of which were for the baby. She called me and asked me to pick her up from the metro since she had so much stuff to carry home. Some of the goodies - bassinet sheets, a co-sleeper sheet, lots of parenting books, cards and stickers from a baby keepsake box (maybe we could use these to make baby announcements), books about pregnancy and parenting, a sippy cup, baby spoons and forks, new baby proofing items, bottles, a 'baby bag' that you put on the baby in the stroller when it's cold outside (this one is practically brand new), new clips and labels for breast milk freezer storage bags, iron on letters we plan to use for refurbishing used baby clothes, and lots of other stuff I can't remember. Then we went to a friend's house last night to pick up our character reference letters they wrote for the second-parent adoption and she gave us a huge bag of crib sheets. It was quite a day.

We received in the mail a flyer for Babies R Us that says that if you register with them you get a $10 gift card and a goody bag. We don't shop there because they received a failing score from HRC. But we don't mind getting stuff from them for free - in fact it feels good to stick it to them. So we plan to go tonight to register and get our free goodies. We've made a list of things we need that cost $10 so we can find something to buy tonight and never have to go back.

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j.k-c. said...

I haven't looked into why they failed with HRC, but they let us register as two moms. I thought that was good. That said, I think the store is CRAZY overwhelming with lots of stuff that our kids do not need. But you can at least use the card to buy diapers, bottles, sheets or blankets. :)