Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hospital bag - check!

Last night we packed our hospital bag - mostly. There are so many last minute things to put in there - computer, camera, ipod. But we're mostly ready to go once the big day comes. We packed a lot - I wonder if others pack this much. But we don't want to have to come home if we forget something, and we don't want to have to go buy something. We want to have everything we need so that we can stay warm and cozy in the postpartum room with our little family.

Packing the baby clothes got me a little emotional. Up until this point I feel like we've been gathering things for a baby eventually, but this made it very real. We were packing clothes for our baby to wear. Wow, that's weird. I'm 35 weeks today. In two weeks we will be full term. The baby could come anywhere in the next 2-7 weeks. I'm trying to get used to the fact that I could be a mom in 2 weeks, but also preparing myself for the fact that nothing may happen for almost 2 months.

I made a list of things to do before the baby is born and it's pretty long. I don't know when we'll be doing these things. Some of it is a wish list, but some of it is really necessary. Here's hoping we get it done.

  • Swim - on 4/17 (this is one of K's dreams - to swim with me in my big pregnant state - and it hasn't happened yet)
  • Birth plan - before April 20 (36 week midwife appointment)
  • Follow up with RE about second parent adoption letter - after 4/21 (two weeks from when we first contacted her)
  • Buy remaining baby products - after K's work shower on 4/24 - breast pump, cloth diapers, hamper, what else?
  • Pack hospital bag - before 4/28 (37 weeks)
  • Get keys made for I (he's watching our dog) - by 4/28
  • Get dog food and other items packed for I - by 4/28
  • Learn to use Flip mino (video camera we got for Christmas from my parents but haven't used yet - now's the time!) - by 4/28
  • Call about how to use cord blood banking kit - by 4/28
  • Go through mail and pay any bills - by 4/28
  • Get phone list to L for labor day phone tree - by 4/28
  • Change sheets on our bed - 4/28 (who knows when we'll do this again)
  • Return books to library - by 4/28
  • Load Itunes onto new computer - by 4/28
  • Load McAffee onto new computer - by 4/28
  • Load Flip mino onto new computer - by 4/28
  • Clean inside of car - before 5/2 (when the car seat gets installed)
  • Car seat inspection - 5/2
  • Spring clean - master bath, hall bath, hallway, kitchen, nursery, balcony
  • Finish baby laundry
  • Cook food for freezer
  • Stock up on frozen food & boxed food, frozen vegetables, canned fruit,drinks, toilet paper for after birth
  • Sleep with our dog a few more times (she's not allowed in our bed so sometimes we sleep with her on the sleeper sofa) and tell her how much we love her constantly

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