Monday, April 27, 2009


I've read that you are supposed to count 10 movements an hour twice a day during the last trimester, but I've been avoiding it. I've seen this kind of thing make women crazy. I've felt that as long as I feel the baby move, I know it's still alive and I don't need to do anything official. At our midwife appointment last week, she asked that I count 10 movements an hour once a day after dinner and record it on a log, and bring that log to the appointment each week. And if I don't get to 10 in an hour, call. We couldn't avoid it any longer, so I started keeping a log.

But instead of making me crazy, it's been the opposite. I don't worry about the baby's movement except during that time of day. It gives me one time a day to think about the movement, check in and make sure all is on track, and then not worry any more. And since every evening I've been able to get 10 in 20 minutes or less, it's given me confidence that the baby is really okay. Instead of making me crazy, I've been given peace of mind.

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