Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lightening and Amma's voice

A woman I don't know but see often in the bathroom at work said yesterday that she thinks my baby has dropped. I think she might be right because since Saturday I have been peeing constantly - like sometimes every half hour. This is the main symptom of dropping/lightening. I checked it out and basically first time moms can drop up to four weeks before the baby is born, though it could be less. Hmm, I'm at 33 weeks now. Four weeks from now would be 37 weeks, just full term. K has always said that she thinks this baby will come early even though first time moms usually come late. She just has a feeling. Let's hope it's not too early. I'm starting to feel the pressure of getting everything done at work.

I've noticed the baby gets more active when he/she hears K's voice. She loves to hear her Amma's voice. K likes to sing to the belly and when she does there will be movement exactly where K's mouth is. K has had late meetings for the past few nights and when she comes home, there is more activity in my belly. That one can't wait to see Amma face to face.

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