Monday, April 13, 2009

My office

My office is a horrible mess. Papers everywhere, empty water bottles, stacks of reports on my desk. It's gross. On my list of things to do before maternity leave is to clean this trash heap up. I can't imagine coming back here after three months and being met with this mess. Well, today my mouse stopped working - it could go side to side but not up and down. So essentially I couldn't use my computer. Perfect timing. After reporting the problem to IT, I spent about 1 hour sorting things, throwing things out, emptying my mail box, putting reports on shelves and in file cabinets. Then I came back to my computer after calling the IT folks to ask about my replacement, and my mouse started working again. It was strange but allowed me to at least start cleaning this place up. It's still gross, but not like it was. I've thrown things out but now I have to sort things and put them away and clean my desk with some product to remove the grossness and recycle all of these empty water bottles. But it's a start.

I have been so disgustingly hot lately. I wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. I bake in my office. My last days of pregnancy, and the heat that comes with that, are coinciding with the beginning of spring, which means it's too hot for heat and too cold for AC. If we open the windows at home, K is freezing, but I'm still waking in the night drenched in sweat. At work I have no choice - there are no windows in my office. I sit here baking, unable to think or move or do anything. I've always been a hot person, but this is unbearable. Today, after throwing things out and putting things on shelves, I made room for a fan on my desk, which I promptly requested when my mouse started working again. And now it is blowing on me and it feels so good.

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