Monday, April 27, 2009

My aching back

I've been having a backache lately, maybe for the past week. Mostly when I sit down for a long time. It was just sitting in the car or on our chaise, but for the past couple of days it was sitting anywhere. On Friday it was some serious pain and Saturday was pretty bad too. I figured it was normal pregnancy pain. I checked it out in my trusty 'What to Expect' book yesterday and I was right. It's caused by leaning back while standing to account for the big belly. How to avoid it - try to stand up straight, sit up straight, don't sit for more than 30 minutes without getting up, and don't wear heels.

Heels. I've been wearing them throughout my pregnancy and for the last month people have been saying "I can't believe you're still wearing heels." I've noticed that I walk slower in heels - they don't work well with my waddle. And I already walk slowly lately anyway, so this is very slowly. But besides that they weren't really giving me much trouble. I like shoe variety. My ankles have become cankles. My legs are short and stocky. I like the way I look in heels much better than flats. I'm very short and I like the height that I get from heels.

But I haven't worn heels since Friday. I wore some very high heels on Friday and had a lot of back pain, the worst yet. Today I'm wearing flats. I wore flip flops all weekend. Today my backache is more of a dull pain than anything else. There may be something to this heel thing. I guess I'll put my heels away for a few weeks.

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