Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boy or girl?

That's the first thing everyone asks. And now that I'm so undeniably pregnant, I get it from strangers almost daily. Answer - we don't know. Today a friend asked what I thought it was. Not sure. Very early on I had a very vivid dream about bringing home a little girl in a flowered dress. Only a few weeks ago K had a dream that we were having a boy. Many people have emphatically pointed at my belly and said "That's a boy!" but this was done most often by the woman who cleans our bathrooms at work. One person (I can't remember who) pointed at my stomach and said "You are definitely carrying a girl" but this conflicts with what everyone else says about the shape of my stomach. My Chinese coworkers said that if you have a boy, you will have nice skin and crave sour food, if you have a girl, you will have bad skin and crave spicy food. According to this, we're having a boy. A Chinese chart online predicts the gender based on the month you conceived and how old you were when you conceived. According to this, we are having a girl, but we conceived on August 31, so that's pretty border line. Bottom line - we just don't know.

But we could find out. We have a sealed envelope at home that we planned to open as we got closer, and we're certainly close now. But K changed her mind recently - she wants the "It's a girl!" moment. I want to know. I was expecting to know - that's why we have an envelope. But I have to wait because I can't keep a secret.

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