Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Sunday I was wearing my corduroy capris that I got hand-me-down from my friend E. I like them because they are green and all other maternity pants that I own are black or khaki, so it's nice just to have a little color. I haven't worn them much because they are capris and it only recently got warm enough to wear them. BUT they are pretty worn looking. And when I was wearing them on Sunday, they were snug, and I said a few times 'this is the last day I can wear these - they are getting too tight'.

Well, Sunday evening we had J over teaching me to cook dahl. She asked for a frying pan, I bent down to get one for her, and rip! The ass split open about 6 inches. I ran to the bedroom to change - trying to hide my ass from R, J, and J's fiance - and I'm not sure how successful I was.

This rip was beyond repair - not even close to the seam. I just said goodbye and threw the pants in the garbage. Now the pants I'm wearing today are too snug. I hope we don't have a repeat incident.

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