Tuesday, April 7, 2009

34 week midwife appointment

Yesterday was our 34 week midwife appointment. In two weeks we start going every week. Wow. Everything is going well. I've gained 17 pounds and measure 32.5 cm, a little on the small side but within range. She said that the baby has not dropped, no matter how many people say that it has. This made K feel better - no early birth!

Sunday was our pregnancy support group and we got to meet three babies that have been born since we got pregnant - from 5.5 months to 8 weeks old. All were quite cute. And we got to hear their birth stories - all different. One couple used the midwives and labored mostly at home and seemed to have it really easy. One couple had pitocin and an epidural with a doctor who made them wait to give birth until the doctor could be found since she doesn't get paid unless she's present in the room for it (I don't care if the doctor gets paid - the baby's coming out when it comes out!). And one woman was induced and eventually had a poorly done c-section. The midwife story sounded the easiest and least painful so I'm happy that this will be our path too.

Our friend L has moved to town finally and he's going to be at the birth. K told him I might piss and shit and vomit and he said, "yeah, okay". Then she said I may strip down naked and he said "whoa, what?". Nudity is much worse than shit, I guess! K is trying to prepare him with stuff from The Birth Partner book that she is reading to take the edge off of her a little. And she put him in charge of the phone tree. He says he up for all of it.

Yesterday we got some surprises when we came home. First, waiting in front of our door was a very expensive $280 car seat we had registered for. Everyone says the Britax Marathon is the best so we registered for it as our replacement for when our baby outgrows the infant seat, but didn't really expect to get it. But a co-worker friend of mine bought it for us. Nobody spends that much on their friends! It's crazy. But we are thankful. Then we opened our mail and found a $200 Target gift card - no return address, no card, just a note saying "Many exciting adventures ahead!" Who would anonymously send us a $200 gift card? It's crazy! K sent around an email today asking people to fess up so that we can thank them, but no leads yet. All we know is that the envelope was mailed from MD, so that narrows it down a bit, but we can't think of anyone of our local friends who haven't given us a gift already.

This morning sucked. I was eating yogurt, started coughing, and threw up all over myself. At work. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and then asked a friend if I smelled of puke. She said I didn't and gave me some perfume just in case. I felt fine before and felt fine after but I threw up! So goes the life of a pregnant woman, I guess.

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