Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby dahl

We tried the baby dahl by Happy Baby that I mentioned seeing earlier at Whole Foods. When I saw it the first time, K asked why I didn't pick it up. My response was of course, Because we don't have a baby. But K wanted to try it, so the next time I went, I picked it up. It was a 6-pack for $4.59, which I thought was really affordable. The baby food is frozen in these tiny little portions that seemed way too small. The package contained dahl and grains, so we figured they were supposed to be eaten together. The dahl wasn't bad. It actually tasted a lot like curried pumpkin. The spice was minor but definitely not bland. The grains were bland, but they were grains, so it was to be expected. Definitely something our baby will be eating.

Now what to do with the rest of it since it came in a six-pack? It was decent enough but not something we'd like to eat in general. My sister is coming this weekend with her 14-month old, but I bet she won't let her child eat it. My sister is scared of different. But maybe she'll surprise me.

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