Friday, March 21, 2008

Things I want

A & C received some things at their baby shower that I want.

1. Personalized onesies - they received these from three different people. C's sister-in-law drew with fabric markers things like "I love my two mommies". Their best friend made some iron-on transfers that said things like 'Little yogi' and 'Sapling hugger'. K used some iron-on letters to say things like 'NO!' and 'QT'.

2. Handmade blankets. There was one crocheted baby-sized blanket from a college friend of C's and another larger knitted blanket from a friend's mom. I also know that they have quilts made by A's mom and even quilts C made for her dolls when she was a child.

3. A high chair that hooks onto your regular dining chair by Fischer Price. Space-saving and easy to travel with. Perfect for them and perfect for us.

4. Best Best Colors/Los Mejores Colores by by Eric Hoffman - a children's book with two moms - the moms are biracial and the book is in English and Spanish. And the book is about a little boy trying to decide his favorite color, and NOT about hey, look, kid, your family is different.

5. A ready-made scrapbook for the baby's first year. We love to scrapbook, but I feel that we may just be a little too busy to do this one. A friend of theirs put together a scrapbook that is only missing the pictures.

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