Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We picked our sperm donor

We've decided on our sperm donor. We didn't have much choice actually. As I said earlier, there was only one Indian with Rh negative blood type. However, he confused us a little. He listed his ethnicity as Indian and skin tone as medium, but race as caucasian. We have lot of choices of caucasians if that's what we're going with. We wanted an Indian. So we paid the $30 to get his baby picture emailed to us (this seriously costs $30?) and we confirmed that he is indeed a cute little brown Indian boy. He has the cutest baby picture! I keep thinking that could be what our baby looks like. So once we get the blood work back, we can order this sperm. I feel like we should buy it all since he is our only choice, but that's irrational. At least I still know when I'm being irrational.

In other news, K got a new job with a big raise. It's a job that she finds a lot more interesting than her current job, but the commute is longer. A bonus is that she doesn't have to leave me to go on her work trip to Las Vegas in April anymore. Great timing!


queerstork said...

Congratulations! We bought our "specimens" this week too and it feels great, feels productive.

j.k-c. said...

We picked out a new donor (since the first one hasn't worked in 6 cycles) last night.

showtune said...

Congrats on both the job and the swimmers!