Monday, March 31, 2008


Freecycle is great. We get so many things (free, of course!) brand new or practically new. People don't want their stuff and they are too lazy to go to a thrift store to get rid of it, so they post it online for anyone who wants it - free! And we are some of the people who want it. And since they post by neighborhood, you never have to go very far to get the stuff. We don't post very much stuff, we mostly take our stuff to Wagging Tails Thrifts and Gifts so that our stuff can be reused (good for the environment) and help some need dogs & cats in Montgomery County and we get a tax break. Everybody wins. But I am thankful to the lazy souls who post their items on freecycle. We've gotten, all brand new, Walter the Farting dog books, a car bottle warmer, balderdash, Christmas baskets and mugs - all of which we have given away as gifts. For us, we've gotten large, expensive picture frames, purses, Real Simple magazines, moving boxes, and many more items. For free, of course.

But I don't think we've even begun to enjoy freecycle. The things people most seem to be getting rid of are baby things. They grow so quickly, their needs change so quickly, people have things they barely use that no longer work for the baby. Just today I've seen multiple postings for baby clothes. I want to grab them up, but then I remind myself that tomorrow more things will be posted for babies. Every day people get rid of baby things, and when it's time, I will be there to grab them up.

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