Friday, March 7, 2008

The Business of Being Born

We watched this movie last night. It's release was very timely for us, right when we were starting to think through these issues. Neither K nor I are 'granolas', and are not the people that would typically use 'alternative birthing methods'. A & C are totally granolas, especially C who hates all medications. I remember once she said that she doesn't like to take midol because then she doesn't 'feel' the period. And I said 'why do you need to feel it?' So of course they are giving birth in a birthing center in Annapolis. It would be expected of them.

So I'm not a granola and not prone to doing things alternatively, but I have been noticing a trend lately of everyone having a c-section. It's crazy. I know we can do it without the surgery - we've been doing it for thousands of years without surgery. But then, childbirth used to be the leading cause of death among women, and I certainly don't want to die!

In the movie it explains that the c-section rate is increasing because of the drugs we use. The drugs make the contractions more intense and if it goes on too long, the baby becomes distressed, and then it becomes an emergency. We have to use the drugs because doctors don't like long, drawn out labors. Also, laying in bed, strapped to it, is not the best way to give birth. You need to move you hips around so the baby can reposition itself. And standing/squatting let's gravity do it's thing. Laying down means we all have to work harder. So giving birth in a hospital just seems wrong in so many ways.

But what are the options. I'm not giving birth at home! We've got white carpet, for christ-sakes. And we're not going to the birthing center in Annapolis. It's way to far away. My preference would be a birthing center attached to a hospital in case there is an emergency. My friend almost died in childbirth and needed 2 pints of blood. Would she have made it if she hadn't been in a hospital? I don't want to take a chance. I guess I need to do my research and figure out what options we have in our area. But not now. First I need to get pregnant.

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