Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Damn period!

I got my period today, on day 28 instead of 31 like last month. Is that because our bodies follow the moon and February is a short month? I read an interesting book called Cunt years ago that discussed this, but I can't remember.

Anyway, tomorrow is when my big physical is schedule, the one that is necessary to be able to buy sperm and get inseminated. That's not going to work with me being a bloody mess. So I called to reschedule, and they said I could come in and just not do the pap smear (I need the pap smear!) or reschedule for June or July, which is just not going to work.

I started calling around to see when I could get a sooner appointment. I called this one place, where a woman answered who didn't speak English very well said I could come in tomorrow. Tomorrow?! That seemed a little skeevy, so I said I would call her back. Then I called some other doctor and made an appointment for March 27. Let's just get this over with!


jessie said...

I went for my exam with my period *shrug*. The doc said if the pap didn't work then I could come back but it shouldn't be a problem.

j.k-c. said...

Since I'm on clomid I have to have an internal pelvic exam between cd 1-3 every cycle. I'm so used to it now, it doesn't bother me.
That said, I'm glad that you have an appt coming right up, when it is more comfortable for you. I hope you like your new doc.

Baby Mama said...

I called the doctor and they told me I couldn't come with my period. I wouldn't mind going if they said it was okay, but they said it would disrupt the results of the pap smear.