Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More peeing in a cup

I got a call from my doctor's assistant today. I didn't actually see the doctor on my last visit, I saw the nurse practitioner. I guess the doctor was reviewing my lab work as a follow-up and noticed something strange. The assistant asked me who ordered all of these tests? She said the doctor didn't order them and didn't know why they were done. Big sigh. Again I explained that I was trying to do donor insemination to get pregnant and these tests were required. I had explained this to the receptionist and faxed her the list and they were mailed to me in a lab request. Assistant seems surprised - this is the first she's heard of it, and I guess the doctor doesn't know this either. I know for a fact this info is in my file because I had the nurse practitioner look for it when she was asking me the same questions. I guess nobody in that office reads the file.

So she asks if the urine samples were done on a first morning's pee. I said no, no one informed me that it was necessary. No one in the doctor's office, no one at the lab clinic, and not my nurse practitioner. So the tests need to be redone. Ugh, big sigh. She's sorry of course. At least this time they are letting me pick up the cup to take with me to pee at home. I'm so sure that when I show up tonight to pick it up they will not know why I am there. Why is everything so difficult? On top of it all, I got my period today. I wonder if I can take the test with my period or do I have to wait until it is over?

On a completely unrelated note, I was staring at myself in the mirror today in the bathroom at work and became depressed thinking about how many grey hairs I have. I plucked a few of the most obvious ones and then tried playing with the part to make it less noticible. I am going grey fast and I'm not even 30. How depressing. Maybe it's just affecting me more today because of my pms-induced emotional state.


j.k-c. said...

Doctors offices can be soooo annoying. Sounds like you are handling it well....this process requires us to advocate for ourselves in the medical world where they aren't used to this.

And I started to go gray in high school...I'm over 30 and have LOTS of gray hair. But when you pluck them out they just grow back and then they are short and stick straight up off the top of your head (trust me...I speak from experience, can you tell?)

1invermillion said...

Ugh, why do they make it so hard? No one should have to deal with that!! Good for you and your infintie patience.

I actually like the look of gray hair. I get very excited when I find one on myself. That doesn't help you of course, but I think they are great.

New blog and name BTW- Showtune

Ms. Waters said...

It's definitely just the PMS...why do you think I'm locked in my house right now...I try not to see people during my lowest of lows...it's not me-it's the hormones! Just wait till you're pregnant!