Monday, March 17, 2008

Sleeping with the baby

We have two bedrooms - ours and what is currently being used as the TV room. The TV room will be converted into a nursury one day. It has a very old futon which is our guest bed. My preference is to get rid of it when the baby comes. K's preference is to keep it. Her reason has always been 'Where will our guests sleep?' But this weekend the real reason came out. K said 'We should sleep in here after the baby is born.' And I said 'Most people just put the baby in their bedroom with them.' And K said 'But wouldn't it be so sweet for the two of us, the baby, and our dog, to all sleep in the baby's room for a little while?' And she looked so sweet when she said it. How can I say no? So I guess we keep the futon.

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