Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tax Refund

A asked what we would do with our two $600 rebates. I said that $1200 would cover 2-3 vials of sperm. At least we're stimulating the sperm bank business.


showtune said...

Ha. This is the converstaion my wife and I had this morning.

Wife: "When I get my tax refund, $600 of it goes to you."

Me: "Just put it in our baby making acount. That way I won't even notice it."

j.k-c. said...

I got a letter from my under grad alma mater (a nice Catholic school)asking why I hadn't given yet to the college fund...I'm going to write back that all my money is going for buying sperm. :)

Baby Mama said...

Whenever anyone calls to ask for money, I always say that I'm giving all of my money to support same-sex marriage. If they are a liberal cause, they can't really argue. They just say, oh, that's a good cause. If they aren't, like the police benevolent society or something, they are usually pretty stunned. Either way it shuts them up and I politely say goodbye. It feels good, huh?

timaree said...

Hey, I like this idea! J and I may do very much the same thing.