Monday, February 18, 2008


A came to visit this weekend, and we celebrated Christmas together since we haven't seen her since October. She got me two children's books - And Tango Makes Three and One Grain of Rice. I love And Tango Makes Three because its true and a beautiful story. I've never heard of One Grain of Rice, but it was the perfect book for K and I. It's an Indian mathematical folklore, combining K's heritage and my career. A said that when she found it, she had to buy it for us because it was just so perfect.

We surprised A with babysitting B & E. Hopefully she enjoyed it. We thought she wouldn't mind because she likes kids... We enjoyed it at least. We cooked them dinner, then I watched Scooby Doo with them while K cleaned up (we made a HUGE mess with dinner), then B read from And Tango Makes Three for all of us. Then they went to bed, two hours past their bedtime, and J & S came to pick them up 15 minutes later. Not a complete success, but not bad.

We went to bed telling each other that we're going to make great moms. Then I woke up oozing with what I think was egg white fertile mucus. It was just pooring out of me. This is supposed to indicate that I am ovulating, which doesn't make since because it's only the 11th day of my cycle and my temperatures are still low. I'm starting to doubt that I can truly track my ovulation.

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