Monday, February 11, 2008

Other people's kids

I don't always like other people's kids. All of the running around and screaming and crying and whining can get on your nerves quick. Some people love all kids, but I am certainly not one of those people. However, I think we've realized that we like our friends kids. If someone is interesting enough to be our friends, they tend to raise interesting children. The kids we like the most are B & E. B is a 7 year old boy and E is a 5 year old girl, and they belong to our friends J & S.

We saw them at church on Sunday. I walked up to the two kids and B said "We're drinking coffee. I drink coffee and non-alcoholic beer. Ask my dad." Then he brings his dad over and says "Dad, don't I drink coffee and non-alcoholic beer?" And the dad says "Yeah, but tell J why you are drinking coffee." And B says "Because it's too early for whiskey." HUH?

B had a Hillary sticker on. I asked if he was voting for Hillary and he said yes. I asked E who she was voting for and she said "I can't decide. Both candidates are so good." I agree, E, I agree.

These are the kids I want. They are fun. They make me laugh. They are well-behaved. They make me happy. How do we raise our kids as well as J & S have raised theirs?

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