Monday, February 11, 2008

Infant & Toddler Room

On Sunday we volunteered in the Infant & Toddler room at church. This was our first time. We thought it would be good to get more experience around babies and also lots of fun. There were three children - S who was 10 and a half months, A who was 1.5 years, and B who was 2. And three adults - K and I and the paid nursury worker Miss K.

These kids were so cute. K bonded with B immediately and they colored and puzzled together the whole time. Babies always love her and I love watching her with them. S has been coming to the church since he was a new baby and has a tight bond with Miss K, and cries when anyone else holds him. She asked me to try to hold him, and he happily sat in my lap eating cheerios the whole time, which surprised Miss K. I guess babies love me too.

Miss K thought about sending us home since there were so few kids but decided to keep us around just in case. I said "That's okay. We wanted to do this." She said "I can tell!"

S's parents came to pick him up, and chatted with K and I for a minute. We said we were new volunteers and she asked if we had any of our own, and we said no. She said "You should try!" We smiled.

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