Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pregnancy does cause memory loss, study says

Interesting article:

I also read an article that says that your brain shrinks 8% while you are pregnant. My memory is already pretty much shot, so I guess I'll just be a bumbling idiot while pregnant.

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Anonymous said...

I personally disagree with this. This is exactly the kind of thing that gives men the fuel to put down working women who are pregnant. I was pregnant last year and did not see it happen even once. I was tired - yes, and my back hurt too but my brain functioned just fine. And for those of you who dont believe it, I am happy to show all the awards and positive emails i got in that period that will back me up. Pregnancy brings a lot of things in its wing. Stereotyping is however not good because then it creates microinequities. I have known women who have sprinted until weeks before they were due. I cant run even when I am not pregnant, so lets not making sweeping comments. Lastly, any study that asks pregnanct women if they feel like they are losing their memory is not accurate because it has brought in the "power of suggestion". So I disagree, and apparently vehemently :)