Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day. This is our eighth Valentine celebration together, though technically we weren't together for the first one. Back in 2000, when we were in college, we somehow learned that Valentine week was International Flirt Week, and we flirted over-the-top within our group of friends. But K & I were flirting a lot, like way more than we were flirting with the others. Flirt week ended, but we kept flirting, and it became less of a joke. We started sitting closer together and holding hands when no one was looking. 10 days after Valentine's Day is when we celebrate our anniversary, but it all started with Valentine's Day and International Flirt Week.

We don't usually have too big of a celebration since our anniversary is so close to Valentine's day. But this year we had a more traditional Valentine celebration. K made me chocolate covered strawberries to take to work (a tradition that started in grad school), and mailed to my office coupons for free Kripsy Kreme donuts every day for the whole week My secretary delivered these daily, saying, looks like you've got another valentine. I sent K flowers, which I've never done before. I've always wanted to send her flowers like in that episode of The Office where Bob Vance sends like 5 rose deliveries to Phyllis throughout the day. I wanted K to be Phyllis and everyone to be jealous. But that's a lot of money and in general we agree not to spend too much of our hard earned money on gifts for each other. So I went with one delivery of gerber daisies, and I still think everyone was jealous. A coworker of hers said she was beaming. I wish I could have seen it.

Last night we tried a new Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. We don't have any Italian restaurants that we go to and sometimes we miss them. We grew up in FL where there is less diversity than here and where a night out either means Italian or American food. Here we usually eat Asian food, which we love and could never get in FL. In fact, when we visit family, we start to crave Asian food. But sometimes here we crave the Italian food we grew up eating. There is one restaurant in our neighborhood that is way over priced ($25 per plate), one restaurant which has very little vegetarian food, and one restaurant which we really didn't like. So we were really hoping that this restaurant would be good, and it was. It's a cozy little place with brick walls and candle lighting. Dishes are all affordable ($13 for lasagna and $14 for eggplant parmesan). It was a nice romantic night out, with good food and good company.

I'm sure we would have found our way to each other eventually, but International Flirt Week and Valentine's Day pushed us way back in 2000. So while neither of us are Catholic, and neither of us believe in saints, I guess we both have to be thankful to St. Valentine for bringing us together. Hopefully next year will be our last Valentine's Day celebration that doesn't require a baby sitter.

Restaurant: Olazzo

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