Monday, March 23, 2009


On Wednesday night I had some brown discharge and some big cramps/contractions. The midwife said I should rest and relax throughout the weekend - no exercise, no shopping, no housework, no sex. This meant that I sat around and watched K do these things (well, except the sex part - she didn't do that either). She went to Ikea, she walked the dog, she spring-cleaned our bedroom, she did laundry, she even made dinner. I sat and rested. It was nice in some ways, and hard in some ways. K was constantly saying "Don't do that! I'll do it." I think I'm fine now. I had a back ache on Friday, but since then I have felt completely normal.

We were able to get our nursery completely set up. It still needs to be cleaned and everything needs to be washed, but the decorations are now on the walls. It looks really great. We love it. And with everything finally put away, the room feels really large. It was starting to look really small and cramped with all of that stuff, but now it looks large again, which is very nice. I'll post pictures soon. Our camera died when we were trying to take pictures of the finished product, so we had to recharge.

The coordinator for the classes at the hospital called to apologize for the horrible treatment we received from the security guard. Our class was refunded and she gave me her personal cell phone number in case we had any questions about caring for our baby, before or after birth. She was very kind and very apologetic.

Besides this we dined at our favorite Burmese restaurant, had lunch with friends at a new Vietnamese restaurant, had dinner with friends at a Mexican joint, watched the TMBG Here Come the 123s DVD we received as a shower gift with our friends and their kids, watched Girls Rock! on DVD, and in general had a fun, relaxing, and productive weekend.

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