Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home improvement day

On Saturday some handy friends came over to for 'Home Improvement Day'. We had a long list of projects to complete to 'make room for baby' and those wonderful people helped us to get them all done. We've got great friends. We installed shelves in our bedroom, installed a jewelry amoire over the bedroom door, built a bookshelf in the kitchen, put together our crib, put together the glider, hung shelves in the nursery, and rearranged the furniture in the nursery. And while they were there, they did some additional things unrelated to baby but very nice - installed a magazine rack in the bathroom, installed a chain lock on the front door, installed a light in the closet. It's an amazing amount of work these people did for us! It certainly would have taken us months to finish what we completed in a day.

Since then we have been rearranging things to the new shelves, moving things out of the nursery closet and into other parts of our home. Yesterday K reworked the linen closet, which now closes! Last night we pulled everything out of the nursery, repacked things into containers, put things in drawers and on shelves, and it's amazing. A room that couldn't be walked in because of all of this random baby crap we've accumulated now has empty closet shelves and drawers.

We still have a list of small home improvement projects to do. We are still decorating the nursery. And we want to do spring cleaning before the baby is born since who knows the next time any cleaning will be done. But we've made major progress thanks to our friends.

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