Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Midwife 32 weeks

Today we had our 32 week midwife appointment. 32 weeks = 8 months! Wow, that's far along. Everything is going well. Baby is active, I've gained 15 pounds total, my uterus measures 31 cm. All looks good.

We got a nice surprise today. My insurance covers our birthing class. So we'll get that $250 back. Definitely a nice surprise.

Now, here are the pictures of our nursery.

On the wall to the left - some of K's collection of unopened Star Wars figurines.

To the left - the mobile from my crib 30 years ago. On the wall to the left - a frame signed by everyone who attended our family baby showers. To the right - a picture from our recent trip to Australia of us cuddling a koala.

The two shelves are filled with things from our childhood. To the right is a framed Star Wars poster. To the right of that is a painting K did for me in college of They Might Be Giants playing instruments under a tree. To the left on the window sill - a painting K did inspired by the song Here Comes the Sun. On the futon - a blanket knitted by my aunt.

On the closet door - a cross-stitched quilt made by my mom. Framed on the wall - the first edition of the Star Wars comic book made in 1977. On the stand - a ceramic lamp painted by my mom when I was a kid.

On the glider, a fabric wall hanging from K's childhood bedroom that says "Kindness Goes a Long Way". On the shelves, more trinkets from our childhood.

To the left - a drawing of Yoda from a HS friend of K's mom, a pug pop art peice from A & C, a cross-stitched carousel horse from my grandma.

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