Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 years ago today

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going to an early morning midwife appointment. My how our lives have changed. We try to get away every year to celebrate, usually just one night somewhere in the woods. But we didn't make it this year. Mostly because we're trying to save money. But also we're super busy with classes and showers and support group meetings and midwife appointments. And home projects and cleaning the home. It's just too much. In fact, this weekend, our anniversary weekend, we are going to an infant CPR course, our baby shower, and our pregnancy support group (which we are hosting in our own home).

We do have time for a proper celebration, though. We are going out tomorrow night for dinner at the restaurant we got married in, a yearly tradition we would never miss. It's a beautiful, historic restaurant in walking distance from our home that makes me smile every time I go by. K cleaned the house last night so we will have no distractions. So tomorrow night we celebrate our anniversary before the weekend becomes baby weekend.

The 30-week midwife appointment went well. I've gained 13 pounds and I'm measuring 30 cm. There was a big lump in my belly and the midwife said it was a knee. The baby is active and healthy and all is well.

We really liked the midwife we had today. She's the only one we hadn't seen yet for an appointment and we'd like to have her for every appointment. We met her at our midwife orientation session before we even had our first appointment, and we liked her a lot. She was the reason we signed up for the practice. Now we've realized why she does the orientations - she's definitely got the best people skills of the three women. I've realized that when I imagine my birth, she's the one attending, which is strange considering she hasn't been involved much in my pregnancy. I try not to think about it as tied to one person because I don't want to be disappointed, but that's the image in my head.

I've noticed this week that I've started walking very slowly. Now, I've always been a slow walker. People have complained about it my whole life. But now, it's like I'm barely moving. I'm certainly waddling - a few people have commented on that. I guess that might be part of the slowing down. Today I was walking down the hall at work and a coworker saw me walking very slowly and asked "Is it heavy?" No, it's not heavy at all. I don't even notice my belly until I run it into something (like the scale today at the midwife's office). But, yes, I'm walking very slowly.

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