Monday, March 16, 2009

Are you a Bert or an Ernie?

A local blogger shares our love of Bert and Ernie. K and I have through the years discussed which of us is Bert and which is Ernie. In college we both agreed that I was definitely Ernie and K was Bert- constant chatter, barging into K's room while she's napping "Hey Bert!", constantly saying let's have fun while K was more serious and said 'Let's study' in her best 'Ernie!' voice. Recently though, we've decided that I'm Bert and K is Ernie. She has constant questions about the world - how does this work, why does this happen - and I'm always there to answer them. We often lay in bed and she says 'I'm not tired, how about you?' I guess neither of us are a Bert or an Ernie, but we sure do love those fellows. And we both love the rubber duckies we have for our kids bath time.

We've registered for the Sesame Street Old School DVDs. We'll defitinitely be watching those when our kids turn 2. Sesame Street was so much better when we were kids, before Elmo.

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