Friday, March 6, 2009

Final letter

We've received our last reference letter - this one from my sister. We've also gotten letters from our doctors saying we are healthy. Now we just need to collect all of the other documentation (tax info, family pictures, W2s, etc) and we are set for our second parent adoption.

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in regards to the adoption of the child J K will soon be giving birth to by her life partner and wife K K. I met K in 1998 while attending Stetson University where she and my sister J became close friends. K and my sister developed a loving relationship and later decided to become engaged. They formalized their commitment to each other through a religious ceremony in February of 2005.

K has since become a part of our family. K has been a wonderful aunt to my own two children and will certainly be a caring and loving mother to her own. My sister and K have always sought out ways to make my children feel special and loved even though they live in a different state. They also make a point to put family first in their lives.

Even in the early stages of their relationship J and K dreamed of becoming a family and having children. This child has been planned for and prepared for over the course of several years. Many of their decisions, such as where to live and which home to buy, have been based on the dream of someday having children.

I fully support the adoption of baby K by K K. Please make this dream a reality and grant K’s petition for second parent adoption so that she will have the legal status to support her as she becomes a parent.


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Jackie said...

MAYDAY: In the second line of the letter K's full name is still there.

That aside, I am so happy to see your sister has come through to write such a beautiful and supportive letter.