Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthing class

We take our weekend intensive birthing class this weekend - two days instead of 8 weeks. We are doing Birthworks, which I think covers a series of techniques instead of just one method like others might. Many people told us to take this course, and we typically rely on others for advice, so we went with it.

Each of us had to complete a questionnaire. Here's my version.

Age: 30

If currently pregnant, due date: May 16, 2009

Was this a planned pregnancy? Yes

If you are employed, what do you do? Statistician

Do you intend to be employed after the baby is born? Yes

What is your marital/relationship status?
Domestic Partnership

How Long?
9 years

What are your hopes for this birth?
Uncomplicated, surrounded by people I can trust to help me make the right decisions, stay positive, don’t get lost in fear

What are your concerns or fears about this birth?
My midwife said I have a small pelvis – I hope this doesn’t cause any trouble. I hope that I can stay positive and not give into fear.

Any physical problems during this pregnancy?

Are you generally healthy or have you often had illnesses or injuries?
Generally healthy, though overweight

Do you plan to breastfeed? Yes

Did your mother or anyone in your family breastfeed? Mother no, but my sister did for both of her children.

At this point, who is your midwife and/or doctor, and where do you plan to give birth?
Midwifery Care Associates giving birth at Shady Grove

Do you exercise? If yes, please describe.
Some. A pregnancy fitness DVD and a pregnancy yoga DVD, though neither often enough.

How do you feel about your eating habits and nutritional status?
Fairly healthy. Recently switched to a very low fat diet to account for gallstones.

What reading have you done about pregnancy and birth?
What to Expect, Vegetarian Pregnancy, Great Expectations, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (in progress)

Have you taken or heard about any other childbirth preparation courses? What was your reaction?
Not taken any others, but heard about them. I’ve heard Lamaze and Hypnotherapy are too specific – work great for some people, but if they don’t work for you, you have nothing to fall back on. Bradley seems unwelcoming of same-sex couples or maybe just unaware (husband-coached) and I’ve heard they produce very large babies.

Why did you choose Birth Works?
Lots of people recommended.

What do you want from this course?
Tips for getting us through childbirth – ways to cope with pain, positions to use during labor and good birthing positions.

How has this pregnancy or previous children affected your relationship with your partner?
She takes care of me now. Before we took care of each other, but now she takes care of me. She’s very supportive but I am aware of the shift in dynamics and try not to take advantage.

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