Monday, December 22, 2008

What to do about Santa?

K and I have been discussing lately what to do about Santa. K doesn't like the idea of lying to our children, but I can't imagine Christmas without Santa. We've still got a couple of Christmases to figure this out.


Ali said...

I have had this discussion before and I have always said that I have never heard someone say they felt lied to... once they found out Santa was not who they thought it was. I am all about the magic of Santa. My mother still gives us gifts from Santa and says we only get them if we believe. :-)

Jenny said...

My husband and I are discussing this and so far we like the idea of telling our kid(s) about the real St. Nicholas and how Santa Claus is people's way of honoring the spirit of giving by pretending to be him. That way we still get to do stockings and allow our families to talk about Santa, but we aren't lying to our kids (though I suppose saying people give gifts solely in the spirit of giving these days isn't strictly true).