Monday, December 22, 2008

On The Day You Were Born

We celebrated Christmas with A & C and baby K on Saturday by visiting the annual light show at Brookside Gardens. We'd never been before and it was really fun, though quite cold. We then went to our favorite restaurant for Burmese food and then back to our place where we exchanged gifts. They gave us the book On The Day You Were Born rewritten as a photo journal for the baby. On each page you place a picture regarding the baby's birth that corresponds to the passage in the book and then fill in info about the birth (like the time, the weather, who was there, etc.) And then it's a fun children's book to read about the child's favorite subject - them! It's a really great book and I can imagine children would really love reading it. It's really interactive and asks questions that the children can answer as the memorize the story (like what time were you born). It just seems like it will be really fun to read with them and then also to keep as a keepsake. Also, it's all gender neutral, so we don't have to deal with mother/father issues. It doesn't replace a baby journal, because it doesn't cover anything but the birth. But it covers the birth in great detail so it's a good addition to a baby journal.
As far as a baby journal, we're registering for this one: The New Baby's Baby Journal by Michelle Sinclair Colman (Author), Nathalie Dion (Illustrator), the same people who do the Urban Baby's Wear Black series. It has a family tree with 'Mother/Father' on both sides and you just pick the relevant one. And it's fun like the Urban Baby's Wear Black series, with fun illustrations and fun events to celebrate (like baby's first art museum). We found it while shopping along the U St corridor in DC at a stationary store that is known to have lgbt-friendly items, like same-sex wedding cards and stuff. And we're very excited about it!

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