Friday, December 5, 2008

Irrational fear

For the last week I've been consumed by irrational fear. I fear that my baby is dead. There is no reason to think this, except that I don't feel pregnant. K looked it up online and found that lots of women feel this in the 2nd trimester. I no longer feel nauseous or overwhelmingly tired. My breasts aren't tender anymore. I haven't felt the baby yet (and won't for sometime). How do I know things are okay? I've always said I'm not worried - I'm leaving that up to K. But now I'm worried and I know it's irrational. Luckily we have a midwife appointment on Wednesday, but that seems like ages away.


j.k-c. said...

It is totally, totally normal. I remember pushing on my boobs to make sure they were still at least a little sensitive. Pretty soon you will be able to feel the baby move and it will be so, so reassuring and also another thing to worry about. I hope that your midwife is reassuring!

Strawberry said...

You're not alone with the irrational fear. Ours didn't abate until our 20 week appt and now that Nutella (and me as of this morning) can feel the baby move. Hope it happens for you SOON!