Monday, December 29, 2008

Our baby moon

We just got back from our baby moon in beautiful Deep Creek Lake, MD. We splurged on a nicer hotel than we normally stay at, and we had a kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, arched ceiling with exposed beams, just a short walk to the lake. It was wonderful! It was not snowy, sadly. In fact, on Saturday it got as warm as 68 degrees! But the lake was still frozen in parts, so it was still wintery. We went to many state parks, hiked to waterfalls, shopped in tiny local art stores, ate at an old-fashioned soda fountain (K had her first ice cream float!), sat by the fire everynight with hot cocoa, and had a wonderful time. K took pictures of my exposed belly all over the place - in front of waterfalls, in front of the lake, everywhere. Who knows where those pictures will resurface!

Yesterday we came home and invited our friends over for dinner. After they left I threw up my whole dinner! I haven't thrown up anytime except morning yet so this totally sucked. Hopefully it's the last time - I'm definitely through with all of this morning sickness bullshit.

I got an email from my sister yesterday that surprised me. She said to tell her the details of our baby shower because she'd like to fly up for it and help plan it in any way she can. I told her that no one has volunteered to throw us a baby shower yet, but we would love a family shower in FL if she is willing to throw one. Hopefully she will - I was able to think of 9 women in my family that I could invite. I'm all for coed baby showers, but not with the men in my family - it's best to just invite the women who actually care about this stuff! If she does throw us a shower, K is going to ask her aunt and mom to throw a shower the same weekend for her family and our friends that live nearby.

In my response to my sister, I also asked her to write a character reference letter for K's second-parent adoption. Basically, we need three letters of reference stating that K should be allowed to adopt our child. We're supposed to ask family members on both sides of our family and friends of ours. We've decided to ask K's mom (this letter will be very strange but heartfelt), my sister, and our friends J & S who came over last night for dinner. J & S volunteered to write the letter months ago, before we even started trying to get pregnant, so they were always on the list. And we have some backups in mind in case these three don't work out.

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