Monday, December 15, 2008

It's the Honda Fit for us!

We're going to buy our first car! Until now, we've been driving the car my parents bought me in college 10 years ago. It's a wonderful car considering we didn't pay for it. And it still works pretty well. But it only has two doors, so it's not for our growing family. And it's kind of gross and if we were to keep it any longer I would definitely want it detailed.

The new car is a Honda Fit in blue (we wanted silver with blue as our backup color). We will buy it on Saturday. I placed the deposit today because this cheap car is very popular (at least that's what the sales person said, and I think it's true).

So now we have to figure out how you buy a car. Like, do we just right a check or do we need to get a certified check? What do we need to look out for? How long will this take? We're excited about the new, clean car that we'll be bringing home, but a little nervous about actually buying a car. This is a really adult thing to do (but of course, so is having a baby...).

The good news (I guess) is that there is not any negotiations with these cars - you pay the price on the sticker. They are too popular - if you don't want it, someone else will come along and buy it. It's cheap, efficient, and well-designed, all the reasons we want it and all the reasons everyone else wants it too. So we don't have to bargain, we just have to buy the car.

How exciting - the new car for our new family! Four doors, lots of cargo space, good gas mileage, small to fit in parking garages easily, everything we need!


Beth said...

The neighbors I carpool with drive this car, and I can attest that it's roomy and nice for the backseat passenger (not that yours will need a lot of leg room).

It's also really fun over speed bumps.

Anonymous said...

Great choice! Hondas are wonderful (we have an Element) and so reliable.