Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My crappy Christmas Eve morning

I have to work today since I'm saving all of my vacation time for maternity leave. K is home because she has use-it-or-lose-it vacation time to use-or-lose and I'm jealous.

So I wake up this morning and quietly get ready for work, starting with breakfast - tasty pumpkin bread with cranberries that we baked last night. But my pregnancy rhinitis is really going strong right now and I sneezed a lot all over my tasty breakfast. That's number 1.

Then I take a shower and try to find some clothes to wear. Since we are packed to go on a trip tomorrow, I don't have many pants. I had been planning to wear a skirt with some tights, but the tights were dirty (I found this out after searching all over for them this morning). I pull out my only clean pants - green corduroys that I wore just last weekend - and realized that they have a big hole in the ass (was it there last weekend?). So now I am wearing the only thing left, the pants I wore yesterday to the same place I wore them yesterday. That's number 2.

Then I brush my teeth. All is going well until I throw up - all of that pumpkin bread and cranberries and orange juice - violently all over the sink. A huge mess. I haven't thrown up in weeks, since before Thanksgiving. But today I did, and it was the worst one yet, and it made a huge mess. That's number 3.

So now I'm at work filling my empty tummy with an egg and cheese bagel from the cafeteria that is only okay, and counting the hours until I go home (which may be early - I think I deserve it).

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j.k-c. said...

So sorry you had such a rough start to your day. My sweetie is also home today while I'm at work trying to save vacation days. I feel you on that one.