Friday, November 7, 2008


Since getting pregnant, I haven't been big on cooking. Normally, I cook every night. Nothing too special, but a healthy balanced meal. Since getting pregnant, it's been whatever's quickest and easiest. We always try to have a protein and a fruit or vegetable with every meal, but that's really it for the criteria. The other night I had a corn dog and a can of green beans. Not horribly unhealthy, mostly balanced, but probably not the best way to eat. Lots of fruit because they are easier to eat than vegetables (which typically require chopping and cutting).

K and I have been feeling a little icky lately and both felt that we needed more vegetables. Last night I was determined to cook something with vegetables. I opened the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator and it was disgusting. All of the vegetables had grown fur. Who knows how long they had been in there? It was so gross. We cleaned out the drawer and I found one zucchini in decent condition and cooked that with some microwaveable rice.

I'll be twelve weeks on Sunday. I'm hoping for more energy soon so that I can get back to making healthy meals for my family.

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j.k-c. said...

I've had trouble with vegtables my whole pregnancy, especially leafy greens (how did they not taste like dirt before I was pregnant?). I make myself eat them and have found that organic vegtable juice has been a great way for me to feel a little more balanced.