Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Telling my coworkers

I finally had my annual review. I'm a team player, willing to work hard to get things done. Go me. After the review, as I was signing the paperwork, I told my personnel supervisor that I was pregnant. Congratulations, that's great news, how long will you take off, have you told your other project managers yet... No, I haven't. So I spent the rest of the day telling people I was pregnant. My workplace is weird in that I have different 'bosses' for each project I'm on. So I had to tell 6 different people yesterday - my personnel supervisor, the VP of our department, and 4 project managers. This, along with my review, took about 3 hours. It's fun, but also exhausting, and I haven't gotten anything done. Everyone said positive things, everyone seemed excited. One project manager said she somehow knew I was trying but couldn't remember how. I didn't tell her, so who spilled the beans? Anyway, things will be much easier now that I'm not hiding anything anymore. And now I can eat popcorn whenever I want without anyone judging me.

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N said...

Hey, I don't have the most people to tell! *boogies*

(4 bosses, plus HR. plus co-workers, etc, but those are the ones who need to know First.)