Thursday, November 13, 2008

Telling people

Yesterday we decided we were ready to start telling people, everybody but our coworkers. Most of our family and friends live out of state, so this requires phone calls, emails, and letters to people we may not talk to very often. It's a lot of work - exciting, but exhausting. So we decided we will tell one person a day.

Yesterday we told our retired neighbors. They were excited for us, and had a million questions about how it works, and they were very sweet. It felt nice to finally say it out loud. For months we've been so evasive when people ask how are you, what's going on with you. Now, when people ask, we can say "We are wonderful. We're having a baby!"

Today K is emailing a college friend D. D was an usher in our wedding, but we don't talk much now. Maybe once a year at Christmas if we are in FL. We thought email was okay in this instance. And we needed a quick and easy one because tonight is Ugly Betty and we can't spend hours on the phone with someone.

So two down, many to go. It's fun!

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Anonymous said...

What a great moment it must be to decide it's now time to start telling people! Congratulations, you have some very exciting news to spread around... and a lot of people to make very happy.