Monday, November 17, 2008

A bad day

Friday was a bad day. It was unexpected because last week was a good week. But Friday my body said, nope, too much, let's back up. I woke up in the morning feeling okay, brushed my teeth and threw up. I never recovered from throwing up and stayed sick all day. I went to work, did what was absolutely necessary, and came home at 2pm. I slept until 5:30. I was up with K in the evening doing small things. Then I crashed at 9:30 on the sofa. K woke me up later to send me to bed, but I decided to sleep all night on the sofa, using my dog's favorite stuffed animal as my pillow. She offered to bring me a real pillow, but I declined - a gross, licked all over stuffed animal was fine with me. I then woke up sometime in the middle of the night with my dog sleeping on my feet. I thought the dog was K and tried to get her to move to her side of the bed. When I realized it was Angel, I couldn't figure out where I was or how I got there. I also realized I was hugging something like a doll - my bra. It was like I was coming out of a fog. I woke up the next morning fine and have been feeling great ever since. I guess my body decides what it wants and if it wants sleep, it takes it. At least now I know who is in charge.

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