Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maternity clothes

C gave me all of her maternity clothes on Saturday. She said "besides those pants I gave you, how much maternity clothes do you have?" Um, I only have those pants... She told me to get to her house right away and try her clothes on. So I did a little fashion show for C & A & K and even baby K. She's crazy tall and I'm crazy short, so her pants don't fit. But her capris fit me as pants, so I ended up with three pants, along with lots of shirts, some skits, and a couple of dresses. So last night I packed all my new clothes for our Thanksgiving trip to TN - a whole new wardrobe.

It's interesting how when I wear maternity clothes, I look pregnant, but in normal clothes I don't. The clothes aren't necessarily things I would buy myself, and they aren't even things that C would buy for herself (these are at least 2nd generation hand-me-downs), but they are pretty good, and are saving us lots of money. It's a lot of pastel, which is interesting. Baby clothes are all pastel, and now I've learned that maternity clothes are also all pastel. I guess this is our life for the next couple of years...

I moved all of these clothes into my closet and let K raid my closet. So now I'm wearing all of C's maternity clothes and K is wearing all of my clothes. Everybody wins.

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N said...

I've been getting hand-me-downs, too, and it's great. The clothes are so much more comfortable, that's for sure, and it's nice to have new-to-me clothes. :D